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To the home of  Ninjutsu , the way of the Ninja. This is not the fluff you've seen on television, a workout, a hobby, or even a sport.  It is a potent form of self-defense emphasizing balance, motion, and knowledge of the human body's weak points. 

Ninjutsu is self defense for everyone.  Old, young, small, or heavy, it doesn't matter.  Ninjutsu adapts itself to you.   This is possible because Ninjutsu is the result of almost a thousand years of combat veterans teaching others the skills needed to stay alive. Failed training and doctrine never surviving first contact with the enemy.

Teaching you is Ed Martin, 15th Dan (degreed black belt).  Ed studied under Ninjutsu Grandmaster Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi , the worlds foremost expert in Ninjutsu and the first Grandmaster to allow non-Japanese students to be trained in Ninjutsu.  Ed has also published numerous articles in the art of self defense, and produced an award winning video on the subject.

Begin your journey by reading Ed's articles and the Dojo's creed, commandments , and mission statement .  Next, use the comment page to ask questions and gain insight.  View the The Self Defense For Everyone video to see just how easy it can be.  Finally, when you are ready to live without fear, and master your destiny schedule your first lesson. 

Welcome to the Pennsylvania Bujinkan Dojo!



For those who ordered things from Dragon Hoshi Defense. I have finally made contact with Lee and here is what had happened. He ran into some difficulties with the local authorities for making those items. They confiscated much of his equipment so he passed the orders on to someone who had helped him make items. They promised to make and send the items and he gave them the money to do so, he trusted this person and is shocked to learn the facts. He will make good on those items, so if you have an order that was not filled after paying for it please contact me and I'll get that information to him.

NEW Articles!

The Unspoken Contract
Guidelines For Instructors

Training Schedule

Weekly Classes:

Tuesday & Wednesday 6pm-8pm

I will no longer be teaching every Sunday or having a substitute when I am gone. I will teach one Sunday a month and it will be a "seminar" format from noon to 5pm. The training dates will be posted below.

2014 - at the barn

Sunday 16 February for the 4 hour class of the first quarter 2014

Sunday April 6th

2013 - at the barn

Jan 13
Feb 10
March 10 (Kurt Haines)
April 14
May 5
June 15-16 Lubos at the farm
July 21
Aug 11
Sept 15 **This will be the last monthly seminar this year unless the turnout is especially good. Next year there will only be one seminar per quarter. this will continue as long as attendance warrants.

Ed's daughter Cheree will be teaching childrens classes at the barn on Monday evenings from 6:00pm - 7:30pm.

Seminars 2013

Jan 21-23 Frazier, Co.
April 5-7 - Tai Kai USA Atlanta
April 20-21 - Asheville, NC
May 25-26 - Budva, Montenegro
June 1-2 - Myulhouse, France
June 8-9 - Helsinki, Finland
June 15-16 - Lubos at the farm in PA
July 4-7 - Buyu-Kai in Katlenburg, Germany
July 13-14 - Soloturn, Switzerland
Aug 3-4 - With Angie Smith St Louis
Aug 14-Sept 2 - Australia trip
Sept 6-8 - BuFest Springfield, IL