Weak Points

Among the many "weak points" are the fingers. The fingers are readily available and easy to grab. Individually they have little strength. If you can take hold of just one finger and bend it backwards, in the direction it is not designed to move, you can control the strongest of persons with little effort. One very important point to make when using this technique is the need to also control the same wrist. Controlling the wrist can be done by simply gabbing it with your other hand. If you don’t control the wrist, your opponent can twist the hand around thereby releasing the lock on his/her finger.

On the tip of the finger at the base of the fingernail is the cuticle. If you dig your fingernail into the cuticle it will cause excruciating pain and, if you permit him to do so, the person will jerk his hand away. This is very effective when encountered by a person who, when shaking your hand, decides to crush it in the attempt to intimidate. Place your other hand on top of his and curl your thumbnail into his thumb’s cuticle. The grip will immediately loosen. If this in not sufficient, merely take his thumb as it comes loose and bend it into a lock. This can all occur under your hand and no one else need see what you do. The harder you collapse his thumb, the more pain he will feel. It will be an unforgettable lesson for him!

Nerves in general follow the bones of the body. If you dig any hard object, keys, fingers, pen, etc., under the edge of the bone usually you can catch a nerve. This is not as easily done as some of the other points I have written about, but it is worth mentioning. You must use what is available.

Under any persons arm the ribs are exposed, especially as you move closer to the arm pit. The ribs are not protected by muscle mass in this location. Any hard object poked into the ribs under the arm is very painful and will cause that person to react. In general, pain will cause a person to lose intention and move away from the source of pain. This knowledge can then be used to take and control that persons balance. While off balance an opponent has lost the power to attack you. There is another vital point located high in the arm pit. With your hand directly below the arm press toward the chest, (towards the center of the body). This is agonizing; few persons can resist moving away. I do caution all of you who wish to feel these points and practice them to DO IT SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY. These points are not toys and can do major damage to the one receiving the technique!

Feel the bone structure at the top of your chest, specifically the collar bone. See how it stands out? If you dig your fingers behind the collar bone by reaching from above, it creates a lot of pain. In addition, it takes only eight to ten pounds of pressure to break this bone. A broken collar bone totally immobilizes that arm, rendering it useless. If the situation is serious enough, if your safety is at risk, break it. I don’t wish to encourage violent behavior, but there are times when that is the only option you have other than letting someone brutalize you. There is no justification for anyone to attack you with the intent of injuring or killing you. You have not only the right, but the obligation to protect yourself.

Next month: using body mass for power.