Eleven Commandments Of Self Defense

bullet Never remain in line with danger unless it can be controlled and your interest is to use the fact that you can control it to limit the danger. In my opinion a gun or knife is too dangerous to attempt this control.
bullet Let your opponent’s actions determine your response. Do not attempt anticipate your responses. Sensitive opponents will sense your intent and be ready.
bullet Pain creates movement, and movement controls balance. If the opponent does not feel any pain you may be forced to break bones.
bullet Allow your opponent to help you, in fact do most of the work, involved in what you want to do to him or her.
bullet Any power applied while your opponent retains balance can and probably will be used against you.
bullet Every move you make should improve your defensive and offensive capabilities.
bullet When you are in real trouble, remember; subtly will be far move effective than strength.
bullet If you unbalance the mind, you unbalance the body. The reverse is not necessarily true.
bullet Always use body power, not arm or leg power.
bullet The understanding of time and distance are critical to any martial art. Small, accurate movements are more effective than large ones because they use less time.
bullet Never give your opponent a second chance at you. Do what ever is necessary and appropriate to the situation the first time.
Ed Martin, 15th Dan