Ed Martin, 15th Dan

Ed MartinFor most people retirement is a time to slow down, relax, and travel to all those out of theway places that they only heard of.  For Ed Martin being retired is a full time job. A pilot for TWA during the seventies and eighties. Ed was often away from home.  Worried about the safety of his wife and three daughters.  He looked into various self defense methods.  Training himself in several, but found nothing that really fit until discovering Ninjutsu.

Studying under Ninjutsu's only fully accredited practitioner, Masaaki Hatsumi. Ed switched over from karate.  His daughter's followed.   Time passed.  Ed became one of a handful of 15th degree black belts (or Dan as the title is called in Japan) worldwide.  His daughters acquired a reputation for dealing decisively with school yard bullies, rude dates and other annoyances.  People began asking for lessons and pointers in the art of Ninjutsu.  Ed became a full time instructor.   

Which made him a very busy guy converting the family barn into a proper training area or Dojo and taking on students.  He returns to Japan each spring for advanced instruction.  He is also often asked to officiate in Ninjutsu's growing number of national and international exhibitions.  As a teacher of Ninjutsu he was asked to pen a  local newspaper's column on self defense. Noted for his prose he was asked to become editor of a community newsletter, The East Penn Commentator.

Finding he still had time on his hands he went on to produce a video tape entitled Self Defense For Everyone.  Which earned an award of merit from Masaaki Hatsumi and an suggestion by Ninjutsu's Grand Master to make a sequel.

Not that Ed has anything against being relaxed.  He enjoys the quiet moment as much as any one, but there are things that need doing, or writing, or in the case of that second video, filming.  One day when everything is a bit more settled he might take a vacation from being retired long enough to visit those out of the way places.