We are particular about the company we keep and make every reasonable effort to verify that the links listed here are ok. Always remember, Talk is Cheap, vify the claims made by the Dojo's owner before investing your time and money.


American Bujinkan Dojo:   A website owned by  Richard J. Von Donk, another one of Grandmaster (Soke) Hatsumi's students.  Look for the link to another Ninja Links Page at the bottom of his home page

American Shidoshi Kai Fellowship:  Shidoshi is a 5th Dan who is an an instructor in the art of Ninjutsu.  The Kai Fellowship is a lose knit professional forum for haggling over training techniques.  Not a whole lot of information for the beginner, but worth looking at quick look.

Bujinkan Dojo Listing For The USA: Just what the name says it is.

Bujinkan Fudoshin Dojo: is currently the only school of traditional Bujinkan style Ninpo Taijutsu in Regina Saskatchewan and surrounding area. Instruction is given by certified black belt instructors of the Bujinkan System.

Bujinkan Musha Shugyo Dojo/Urban Defense Fitness Center
725 N 6th Street, Philadelphia PA 19123

Bujinkan Dojo NYC:  An NYC Dojo with an excellent page showing how the nine Ryu were created and came under the control of Dr. Hatsumi 

Bujinkan Hungary - David Holt  The website for Dr. Hatsumi's Dojo in Japan.

Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi phd:  A comprehensive listing of the Grandmaster's credentials.

Jigoku Dojo:  Dr. Luke Molitors Dojo serving the north Dallas area.  

Austin Bujinkan Tanemaki Dojo: Kendal Kelso

North East MD Bujinkan Training Group: We currently train at ET Karate on Bel Air Rd. White Marsh MD. Classes are 8-9:30 PM Monday and Wednesday and 8-10AM Saturday. Additional classes may be held from time to time. Welcome to's Bujinkan Dojo listings. The schools listed below are all instructed by teachers that have a minimum of ten (10) years martial arts training, have trained in Japan and are committed to sharing the skills, techniques and knowledge that have been handed down through the centuries. Find out more information about a dojo (martial arts school) in your area. 

Kiko Bujinkan Dojo : One of the many homes of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu.

Shidoshi_Kai: To promote the Bujinkan Dojo in the United States of America via following the Rules Of The Bujinkan and the Ten Chi Jin Ryaku no maki as set by Masaaki Hatsumi Sensei. And to further the understanding of the Bujinkan martial arts by following the recommendations set forth in the American Shidoshi Kai's Suggestions For Bujinkan Teachers.

The Network:  A site devoted to helping art of Ninjutsu police and protect itself.

Starbucks Place: Welcome to my site.  I hope you will gain some knowledge here, and perhaps be interested enough to find out more.

Warrior Information Network:  Also called WIN.  An excellent resource.  WIN is a clearing house of information on Ninjutsu related sites as well as a good place to have your site hosted.   Includes a national and international listing of Dojos. 


Training Tools - Padded weapons by Toomas Telvar of Estonia.



Keith Edwards: Shodan {1st degree black belt}, founder of the Kiko Bujinkan Dojo with permission from his Sensei, Shihan 15th Dan Edward Martin in hopes of spreading the teachings of Grandmaster Hatsumi

Howard McKim: Howard Mc Kim is a certified Acupuncturist. He has been a practicing Doctor of Chiropractic as well as an alternative healer for 36 years. Before this, he worked in the aerospace and petrochemical industry. For over 21 years he has been a Martial Arts practitioner and holds a Yon Dan (4th degree) in Bujinkin Ninjitsu. He and his wife have been teachers of meditation and psychic healing for more than 10 years. They have also taught their classes within martial arts schools. Their work has been included in a 1000 year old scroll filling in some of the information that had been lost in one Kung Fu style by its Grand Master.

Jack Hoban:  A Fellow instructor, 15th Dan who teaches along the Jersey Shore.  He has written about Ninjutsu.  A listing of his work can be found at WIN and his website.



Japan's National Tourist Organization:  Not sure where the Iga province is or how it relates to the rest of Japan?  Click on this site for detailed information.