Review of Master Ed Martin’s
“The Extreme Cane”
By: Master John Enger

The training you will receive on this DVD is in a home setting which is unique in and of itself as most are shot in professional studios or the DoJo. Doing so brings to life the fact that attacks are increasingly becoming common in the home and addresses why one must learn to defend themselves and can do so with a cane. Although addressing the senior citizen, I can assure any martial arts instructor that the techniques instructed in this DVD by Master Martin can be applied to any situation on the street for young or old alike. One can be sitting in a mall, on a park or bus bench and they are nonetheless just as applicable!

Let me stop here for a moment and address a misconception regarding the cane --- one does not need to be a senior citizen or physically disabled to carry the cane. The cane is a devastating tool with awesome versatility in self-defense situations. At the time of this review I am 55 years of age – not old enough to be considered a “senior citizen” nor am I am physically disabled at the present time, yet, I have carried a cane with me while I have been required to be in certain areas where it would not be wise to be carrying lets say a Hanbo, Jo, or other obvious items such as a three foot piece of rebar (I have a nice place reserved for that in my vehicle!) for self-defense. I did private investigation work and owned my own PI agency for a couple of years after retiring from law enforcement. The cane came in very “handy” (no pun intended) when I took on a role of a person that appeared to be “physically disabled” – used as a “prop” but I had the reassurance of knowing that I had an awesome self-defense tool that I was highly skilled at using if need be. So, let me reassure anyone reading this review that may have some hesitation about it’s value, there are numerous uses for the cane!

 Master Martin covers 21 techniques in this well produced DVD. It moves beyond the basics of his first DVD titled “The Cane” (see my review of this training DVD. You really do need to purchase it as it sets the foundation for the use of the cane itself).

What you will see:

Defense against hand gun from the front and rear while sitting, defense against the long gun from the front and rear while sitting, how to deal with an agitated and aggressive person while sitting, choke from the front, defense while on the ground – various scenarios while on ground with gun, choking, punching, kicking and being smothered. And what to do if they grab the cane!

The cane techniques are unique as they combine joint locks, chokes and cane combinations. All are instructed several times from different angles and explained in detail. ANYONE can perform these techniques and they are easily mastered. 

Assessment of techniques:  

I asked a friend with no martial arts experience and who has some limiting physical disabilities from an accident (has used a cane in the past due to the injuries but is not using one now), to help me on practicing the techniques presented by Master Martin. I instructed him on the techniques as we went along, having him doing the defending work in the practice.

After an evening of instruction and practice (a good 7 hours of work) I must admit I was impressed how quickly my friend had picked up the skills to apply the techniques. The reason I believe he had done so was the very fact there are few moves required to execute each the techniques. Honestly, I was impressed with the techniques instructed by Master Martin in general. We are operating on the same wave length when it comes to “SIMPLICICITY” of movement in technique.

DO NOT let the slowness of the techniques demonstrated in this training DVD dissuade you from their effectiveness. For safety and teaching purposes it’s absolutely necessary to move at much slower paces. LET ME PROMISE YOU THIS……… IF YOU APPLY THE TECHNIQUES DEMONSTRATED IN THIS TRAINING DVD AT FULL SPEED AND  FORCE YOU WILL CAUSE SERIOUS INJURY AND/OR GREAT BODILY HARM WHICH COULD VERY WELL END WITH DEADLY RESULTS ON YOUR WOULD BE ATTACKER. These techniques are serious and “EXTREME” in nature. Purchase this DVD by a great Master of the Arts.