Review of Master Ed Martin’s
Ojii JuJitsu
“Old Man Techniques”
“Grandfather Techniques”
By: Master John Enger

Ojii JuJitsu, a very intriguing title for a martial arts DVD! The techniques presented are specifically targeted for us “senior citizens”. At the time of reviewing this DVD I am 55 years old…….. so yes, I am getting up in age and the reality of the situation is as Master Martin states – “As a person gets older they cannot respond with the same athleticism of a 20 year old”. That statement is fact --- like it or not, you cannot deny it or hide from it forever and don’t waster your time dying the hair and getting hair transplants my friends. Toss those hair pieces away….. they get in the way while living life. Hey, if you think you can get a laugh from flopping it to the side of the head to distract an opponent … give it a shot! I say this in jest, but I’d like to believe in Frank Sinatra’s classic song which goes……. THAT’S LIFE!

I will tell you right up front, the techniques presented are far from being tailored and marked as “limited use” by the senior citizen. These are the type of techniques that could be instructed to persons of any age category that desire simple, effective and yes, potentially deadly if need be. So, with that said, if you are not a senior citizen you would still be extremely wise to consider purchasing this DVD. You WILL learn new techniques that can be used in a variety of situations.

You may very well be saying… “Yeah sure, you are probably getting some remuneration by helping market the DVD”. Please listen, if you think this I do understand because there are few left in the world without pure motives and agendas, a plethora of people seeking nothing but money and giving nothing in return ……. people who I call personally term the “The WIFM Team” – “What’s In For Me”! These people GIVE NOTHING without making sure they GET SOMETHING that will benefit them, and only them, (nothing free in their world!). Here’s the truth…… an enigma I am, and glad to be so…… I’m not getting a penny for what I do! In fact, I have been extremely concerned at the nonsense and “crap” that is being produced by people under the guise of “real self defense” – so, I sought out several individuals myself to see if there was anyone left with common sense, ethics, morals and genuine concern for others in what they teach without first seeking the almighty dollar.

I believe I have found a few (and we are a dying breed!) in a vast jungle of cage matches and mixed martial arts, I give legitimate honest reviews of what I see and with over 40 years of martial arts experience and working the street as a law enforcement and corrections officer I know what works. So I don’t chase the wind of the “WIFM” world, it’s what I personally get out of it to give back again (no strings attached!) to those who want to learn how to stay alive.        

So, in Master Martin’s introductory to his Ojii training he covers some very solid points to remember.

As we get older:

“Movements must be made much more effective and efficient”

 “Movements must be very concise – very small.”

“Move only enough to accomplish what you are trying to accomplish.”

“Try and do it in a way that people don’t even see that you have done anything.”

“You don’t give a person a second chance at you. You end it! You do what’s necessary and finish it.”

A good basic discussion on the psychology of the attacker is covered. Master Martin correctly points out that the belief of those preying on elderly is this: “The perception is that an older person is weaker, more vulnerable, so they are chosen as victims.”     

He goes on to cover some good points as it comes to legal ramifications and the use of force. True in its content and also applies to any self-defense situation regardless of age. 

In this DVD which runs approximate 45 minutes you are going to find 15 (16 really – Verbal Defense discussed below) techniques. Yes, they work and they work with an older group of people without any martial arts background.

My assessment:

I took four “older men” (retired guys that like sitting in the mall, drinking coffee talking about days gone by) with no professional martial arts or self defense training in their background and spent several hours discussing safety, self defense and practicing the techniques presented in the DVD.

The four chosen had some health issues such as arthritis, some balance issues due to age, and a host of other things…….. but, no problem, they were game and it worked out well. We took things slow at first (movement by movement) with some, I will admit, confusion on their part. But, here’s what happened…….. after practicing each of the techniques several times they began to develop a muscle memory to what they were practicing. The techniques were performed on me (15 to 18 years their junior) and they were able to apply effective lock joints and put me to the ground more than once during the day…….. not by strength in the least, but by knowing how to move their body. The enjoyable thing here was watching these men have fun coming up with several other things to do to their attacker. In other words, they were learning the techniques and synthesizing their movements by adapting to the situation given them. They felt “empowered” by the end of the training and so did I!

So what will you learn? You will learn simple, yet dynamic techniques that as I have stated can be used by anyone. These are certainly not just for the “old” – although they are most adaptive to the senior citizen because they are that simple to do.

You will learn to defend against collar grabs, wrist grabs of all types, arm grabs, knee to the groin, punch to the face, bear hugs from the rear, pushes from front and rear as well as chokes from the front and rear. All of the most common and realistic situations that may be encountered by the senior citizen. Also encountered these days by people of all ages.

Master Martin emphasizes the importance of staying relaxed and staying loose while performing these techniques. Don’t burn your energy. Don’t use muscle strength against muscle strength……. You will not be successful! In order for any technique to work you must keep the opponent in a certain confined space. You must move your body in a certain pattern of movement. And Master Martin does a superb job in demonstrating just how this operates so you can do the same thing.

Learning to adapt in situations is critical as there are no set patterns from the opponent. You must learn to adapt. You will learn the art of adaptation!

As he has done in his other DVD’s, Master Martin covers the anatomy and physiology of strikes and the injury they will do.

Assets are discussed….. not your tangible assets :>), not to worry! Your assets are your strengths used against what is weak on your opponent.   

Master Martin in a wonderful story tells of the importance of meeting people who influence our lives and start us on different paths. He tells of the history of where his Ojii Jujitsu came from.

Master Martin hits a grand slam home run I believe when he discusses avoidance through “Verbal Defense”. I know it works! I am a “Tactical Communications” Instructor (Black Belt Level) through the Verbal Judo Institute under Dr. George Thompson. What Master Martin touches on and describes through some stories of how this technique (and it is a genuine technique!) works and is right on the money. I have used it personally in many confrontations on the street and in correctional institutions. I have taught the same techniques to numerous law enforcement, corrections and security officers and it has worked for them and it can work for you too!

You need to purchase the DVD for the gold nugget of “Verbal Defense” – and how it operates. But, let me give you the quote from Master Martin on this subject to keep you guessing: “If you unbalance the mind, you will unbalance the body.”

Master Martin believes in this “Natural Law”“You have an absolute right to defend yourself.” I wholeheartedly agree with him!

He poses this question to you: “What good is life if you spend it locked up in fear?”  My response: You do not need to! You need to feel confident that you can protect yourself from the human animals that prey on innocent people . You can by taking a step forward and learn how to protect yourself and live free from fear!